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The mental imagery of Mount Zion, the literary mount of God, can be both inspiring and intimidating all at once. How does one approach it? How does one ascend it? Can I find rest on the mountain? Zion Student Ministries is here to equip students for life on the mountain, and here are several ways each week that you can be a part of Zion.

Forest Path
Zion Night

As you approach most mountains, you find yourself in forest lands, filled with trails and recreation for all ages and abilities. All are welcome to come and taste what the mountain has to offer. For some, the summit will draw them. Are you ready for the mountain? Then come out for Zion Night - it is our official "youth group" night. We get together on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm to play games and understand God’s truth on trending topics affecting you and your fellow students. Zion Night is an entry point to Zion and is an excellent opportunity to bring friends and hang out with us as we explore the mountain.    

Wednesday 6-7:3o
Sunday Study

After wandering the base of the mountain, it is only natural to want to tackle some of the boulders and climb the easy rock outcroppings that are slightly higher than the paths under the tree line. If you are looking to add worship to your faith walk, Sunday Study fits that need. Combined with the worship service, Sunday Study takes you out of the sermon every other week and gives you a chance to interact with the sermon from the previous week and to explore scripture. Sunday Study takes you higher up for a more advanced look at the mountain.

Sunday 10:30-11:30
Rock Climbing
Metal carabine for mountaineering. Photo
CLipping In

Clipping In” is a climbing phrase for connecting the climber to the safety line with a carabiner. By clipping in, the climber is given the safety that they need as they ascend the steeper and higher places on the mountain, allowing the climber to achieve their goal of summiting. We too need to "clip in" to our security in this life, God. Clipping In is for students that want to go deeper in their faith. It is a place for you to ask the tough questions and struggle with the tougher answers. Clipping In allows us the highest vantage point on the mountain.

Sunday 6:30-7:30

Are you ready to experience God in a new way? Are you ready for the mountain? Come out and join us. Check out the calendar on the events page for more information about the place and time. We look forward to seeing you on the mountain. 

                                                                                                 Zion Ministry Team

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